Welcome to Global Network Services!
In today's world, IT has become as important to most businesses as the telephone, yet IT is not quite as reliable. Is information technology important to your business? Would your business benefit from a stable and cost effective IT environment? The business imperative is to have IT operate as reliably and as cost effectively as the telephone.

Smaller organizations currently struggle with the challenge of trying to manage inferior IT infrastructure because of their limited access to competent and reliable technology resources. To date, small organizations have not been able to take advantage of the same technology efficiencies of their larger counterparts. Unfortunately, this is all that they have known and they have learned to deal with a high level of pain. With GNS, it no longer has to be that way.
GNS offers:
  • Network ManagementGNS Designs an IT and Network architecture that serves your needs today and as your business grows. Additionally, GNS ensures that your IT solutions mirror your company's business goals and objectives.

  • Managed ServicesGNS provides support and maintenance of your IT systems by acting as a virtual systems administrator. GNS is always on the job remotely managing your IT infrastructure.

  • Help Desk SupportGNS offers 24 x 7 help desk support from anything as major as a personal computer failure or virus to how to do a mail merge in MS Word. We are there for you at all times.

  • Backup and Recovery ServicesOftentimes, information is the currency of your business. GNS ensures that your information is secure and reliable by completing daily backups of your network resources. If anything ever goes wrong, GNS can get everything back the way it was in a short period of time.

  • Network ManagementGNS products and services are designed to take the guesswork out of Network Management. Our comprehensive LAN/WAN management tools gather and track performance through the network and provide fast fault isolation and resolution.

  • Project
                Management and Application DevelopmentGNS provides project management support and application development support for projects either in partnership with your current IT staff, or by ourselves to ensure timely and accurate deployment.
What sets GNS apart?
  • Flexibility and Responsiveness
  • SPOA for all technology activities
  • Instant Access to industry experts
  • Lowest overall cost of ownership and operation
  • Unprecedented visibility, control,and proactive decision-making over IT infrastructure
  • Outstanding customer support
  • Strategic approach, not a simple "break and fix-it" shop.